Social Media Tips for Agents During Covid-19

By April 9, 2020

? Social Media Tips During The Covid 19 Outbreak ?
With the latest from the Governor, I wanted to share some tips to keep you engaged with your audiences.
Going digital is more important now than it has been in the past, but you have to be smart about it.
Be Mindful of What You Post
Like always, you should be mindful of what you’re posting. You never want to mix politics or any other controversial topics on your business page. Refrain from posting any sensational content about the virus, lockdowns, etc. If you choose to post about religion, keep it positive and uplifting, remember not everyone is the same religion, but everyone appreciates compassion. Keep your audience informed and engaged.
Ideas: fun things to do around the house during quarantine, host a virtual q&a session through zoom or facebook live, virtual walkthroughs, tips and tricks to re organize/decorate while everyone is stuck at home
Be Mindful of When You Post
In the past you’ve probably heard me talk about scheduling posts, during these crazy times when the news is changing every hour, and there’s updates coming at us multiple times a day. You don’t want a post that normally would be great to go out after an important announcement, the news is unpredictable, so keep that in mind when posting.
With people working from home or being laid off, the normal schedule is going to change. When working from home, there can be many other things that pop up, like kids, pets, etc that might interfere with traditional working hours  Posting during these hours might not get the best reach/engagement. Experiment with your posting times, but do it in real time.
Concentrate on Engagement & Building Relationships 
Social media is a great tool to drive clicks to your website, but during these times posting nothing but listings and trying to sell homes, get buyer/seller leads, self promotion could be seen in bad taste. Don’t totally neglect these postings, but post them sparingly.
Concentrate on posting engaging content. Content created and shared should result in conversation and better each. Use what social media does well, driving conversations, building community, supporting each other, storytelling, and sharing entertainment.
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